A Proper Progress Update

May 15, 2018

Today I have a special guest for you. The producer and co-creator of the film, William Trautmann is finally back for his second entry on the blog!


You can always tell that something’s going on as soon as it’s the producer’s time at bat (don’t worry, no one is getting fired and I promise you this will be the only baseball reference in this post).


So, Breakwater. Where are we, what is happening and what did you guys miss since last time? First things first: The trailer is not done yet. Don’t ask me why, don’t ask for a release date, and in general just don’t talk to me about the trailer. I might hit you. Nah, but seriously, why isn’t the trailer here yet? As Daniel has already explained in the previous blogpost, there are a lot of different reasons for that but let me give you yet another one: The actual film looks and sounds (I’ll get to that in a second) so freaking beautiful and amazing that we’re having trouble with the idea of releasing a trailer, which is the first thing you guys will see from film, that’s not up to par. So we tried to tweak it. And tweak it. And tweak it some more… you get the idea. And as of right now, we’re still not in a place where we can release the trailer and be happy with it. that being said, we are awfully close.


I have some good news as well. Moritz, our Sound Designer, powered through the film and showed us a little bit of his magic. The layer of sound effects adds so much to the atmosphere and the general feel of the film. I am relieved that Moritz understood the direction we wanted the film to go, he has done incredible work so far.


What else is there for me to say? I have a feeling we’re very close to the finish line. And let me tell you another feeling I’m having: We’re gonna hit this one out of the ballpark! (sigh.) So take care everyone and stay tuned for the next entry.

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